Space toilet

Arts & Design , Data Science

by Saeed Karimi | Sept. 14, 2020
This design has three separate parts, one of which is common to male and female astronauts and greatly reduces water consumption.

How it works: 

To defecate, a person sits on the car on the moon, as he sits on the planet Earth, and after that, a robotic arm closes the bag inside the machine and passes its air through the air pump. The air in the steam filters reduces the volume of the bag. To defecate in this machine, one must take a pill that has small pieces of iron, such as a pill used to make the stool golden. The stool becomes a magnetic target, when the person defecates, the electric magnet installed under the device pulls the stool towards the bag and after that, the lid of the bag closes.

Of course, instead of using electric tablets and magnets, diaphragm chambers can also be used, so that by using an air pump, it sucks the air around the bag, and causes the bag to fill.

For men urinating:

 A rubber hose is attached to the penis, like the urinal sac of a French tour athlete. When urinating, the person presses a button that activates the diaphragm plate at the end of the hose. When the astronaut is done, the astronaut presses another button to close the bag, the urine bag is taken out of the research area, and due to the vacuum, the urine turns to steam.

For women urinating: 

For women, almost the same device required by men is used, with the difference that an additional part, such as oxygen masks attached to the hose and allows the female to urinate, this part can be removed and when used by women It connects, this way you can reduce the weight of the device a lot.