Lunar loo challenge fancy cheap toilet for amazing people who advance everyday!

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by I.P HUNTERS | Sept. 6, 2020
plastic toilet using pvc material and water beday system with oxygen feeding system and a simple mechanisms that lock, push and suck ability

I'd like to use a oxygen feeding system that helps flow water in a baday water spraying system that feeds long side with oxygen to condense material and feed water and any waste material into a flow system that feeds the matter and water down like a siphoning system that puts escramints and waste into a rubber bag which can be used one time or multiple times depending on users abilities and and be easily close off and sealed with a clip that hold on to the waste bucket origanally that holds the bag in place which can fill and expand but never feeds more oxygen than waste and the oxygen can be pushed back out and the toilet having a secondary flushing mechanism can lift and pull up a sliding sealing disk that lies on the bottom of the feeding tube that travels up and over the secondary siphoning tube into the bag which when let down can electronically set down with ease with the pull back of the filling rubber waste bag from the oxygen settling and being sucked back out by the second disk that goes up and over the second tube and will have a suction like seal that'll pull oxygen out of the waste bag and leave waste behind so waste doesnt want to spill out apon swapping waste bags the first part of the syphoning system will allow users to seal off oyxgen waste and water like a motor house bathroom that has a splash guard but will act as a seal so the second part of the siphoning system made feed and push waste and oxygen into the bag up and over and when it his over the secondary seal with disk will come back with a reversing recycling  system for  the suction disk which will be the most electricy being used but oxygen being the main contributor to the secondary seal disk being able to move and push out waste into the bag and with the ogygen being pulled out of the origanl system that siphins will have a decompression system which will feed a sunction of air pull, to pull back the secondary sealing disk and removing oxygen from the waste bag.