Unisex vomit friendly toilet for space.

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by Janaki Mehta | June 30, 2020
This is my basic idea of providing a female-friendly toilet with vomit facilities. Hope it's helpful.


Hello, this is my basic original idea as I am a first timer on space challenges. Hope you find this useful. Thank you very much. 

The toilet needs to be female-friendly plus the urge to vomit should be satisfied and a facility to clean up should be provided.  A footrest must be provided with which the astronaut can sit down by wearing anti-gravity boots or such leather under the space boots that can firm their feet down while pooping. The toilet must be with a backrest for woman and a thigh rester on both sides.  There should be a bowl with a press button by which it comes out from behind the toilet seat. It carries the vomit back inside the loo inverts it inside the suction pump which sucks it inside the given disposable polythene bag.  The other human wastage gets out from the funnel-like tube attached to the spacesuit. when the person sits down on the toilet seat he presses a button to open the funnel mouth and lets out the wastage that goes straight down the funnel.  also, a press button for disposal must be provided. The vomit bowl can be contaminated by a sanitized paper napkin or liquid.