Next Generation Toilet


by Karansher | June 29, 2020
Removed difficulties of whole toilet Machine procedure

Solution :   Vertical Flow packaging 

1. while using this idea, astronauts will not need to focus for managing hole while doing loo and they ‘ll get more space as well as relief from tiring experience.

2. This machine can be combined with a container, which can get emptied easily fortnightly or on monthly basis, which ‘ll reduce astronauts headache because everything is vacumed pack , so no chances or negligible chances of spill.

3. Easy to use: once you are done , just turn it on for a second and good to go.

4. Bundle of bags will get fitted with the machine, which can gets changed on monthly basis.

5. Top of the machine can get fitted with normal toilet seat .

6. No need to clean machine, as it is fitted with plastic bags from top till the bottom.