NTN- National Travel Network

Energy, Environment & Resources , Government , Healthcare , Infrastructure , Non-Profit & Social Impact

by Britt Tyson Fuiks | June 2, 2018
Biking, hiking and walking trails link nationally to services and modalities all connected to metro travel networks.

The National Travel Network will incorporate existing trails which will connect states, cities, and travel villages. The National Travel Network will allow the traveler to experience the entire nation via bike, hike or walking. Roam if you want to and experience the beauty of our nation! Along the network, the traveler will have access to services and modalities such as clinics, hygiene, food, bike repair/shops, urban campgrounds, hostels, community support, and entertainment. Fun, safe, clean destination stations that are a potential franchise in concept, as consistency is key. Profit meets nonprofit in a hybrid approach when the community services and volunteers are incorporated.

Travel villages along the travel system offer services as well as preserve the waterways and open-space. Safe and sanitary places for travelers to rest while roaming if they want to, creating scalable, affordable options while traveling.  Strict standards apply to travelers to maintain safety and sanitation. 

Pooling together proven concepts of what works and creating a system that supports freedom of choice, encourages volunteer efforts and heightens the quality of life for all travelers is the mission.