Operation: white out

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by razgriz | April 4, 2018
Operation white out is a construction project, based around one of the most unforgiving environments in the world, the arctic.

Your task is to create a structure that can be built or transfered to the arctic, this can mean singular units or a skyscraper. the structure just has to support a team of 300 round the clock, with little to no imports after Initial construction, this includes water power and other needs like food and recreational items/venues etc. the arctic is a very isolated place so we want to make sure that they feel at home as possible and not claustrophobic, which means high levels of insulation and ventilation. a modular system is not a bad way to go, but remember that if you plan on doing a build, you have to think of the build team and how they will perform in the weather. you can almost think of it like an oversized submarine sitting on a sea of ice and snow. im interested to see what you can come up with, the challenge is daunting to be sure but a fun one to contemplate executing. there are no other specifications or criteria to meet. just support 300 in the arctic for a year in relative comfort without exposing them to the weather for any span of time longer than a few minutes, this includes time spent inside any mode of transportation, that is exposed to the elements, or is otherwise unregulated for temperature.


Desired data.

Building layout/ general mechanics and floor plan.

Estimated resource consumption food water power waste management ect.

Air conditioning/thermal and air quality control/life support.  

Economics cost labor working conditions.

Building appeal its form factor and how likely it is to be accepted by its residents.

good luck and i cant wait to see what you come up with.