School Management System


by Markandan Maharajan | Aug. 1, 2019
Management software tools like Learning Management System (LMS), Course Management Systems, ID card Generation etc..

Main entities and their types, attributes and functions. 

1. Student: 

a. Has: i. Personal Information. ii. Parent’s Information. iii. Contacts Information. iv. Admission Information. v. Academic Record. 

b. Is: i. Admission Candidate. ii. Enrolled Student. iii. Ex-Student. 

c. Does: i. Apply for Admission. ii. Fee Submission. iii. Attend Classes. iv. Attempt Exams. 

2. Staff: 

a. Has: i. Personal Information. ii. Contacts Information. iii. Appointment Information. iv. Qualification Information. v. Work Experience. 

b. Is: i. Job Applicant. ii. Present Staff Member. iii. Ex-Staff Member. c. Does: i. Visit Branches. ii. Appoint Staff. iii. Terminate Staff. iv. Generate Requisition. v. Create Academic Calendar. 1. Time Table. 2. Exam Time Table. vi. Class/Section Formation. vii. Grant Admission. viii. Cancel Admission. ix. Assign Classes to Teachers. x. Mark Attendance. 1. Student’s Attendance. 2. Staff Attendance. 

3. Exam Attendance. xi. Request Expense. xii. Attend Training Program. xiii. Announce Exam Results. xiv. Attend Meeting. 1. Staff Meeting. 2. FEO Meeting. 3. Principal’s Session. 4. Parent’s Meeting. 5. Inter-Department Meeting. 

3. Donor: a. Has: i. Personal Information. ii. Contacts Information. iii. Donation History. b. Is: i. Regular Donor. ii. Irregular Donor. c. Does: i. Donate Money. ii. Visit Branches. 

4. Admin: a. Has: i. Primary Information. ii. Contacts Information. b. Is: i. Functioning. ii. Closed. c. Does: i. Everything. There are few sub entities in the system. The student entity has sub entities that include Admission Candidate, Enrolled Student and Ex Student. For Staff entity, Job Applicant, Present Staff (Teacher, Zonal Incharge, Principal, System User, and Supportive Staff) and Ex Staff Member are sub entities.