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There is Hope, just trust yourself
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I would share with those people who struggle with mental illness, i was one of you i felt alone, i pray the stigma gone,...your turn to lead
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Do You know that there's a countless hopeless around the world dying in silence thinking they're useless.
No, you are not just a number to be disposed of after, your effortless won't be fruitless we all serve a purpose, So please don't feel hopeless.
To be true ourselves worth the struggle and so why the trees lose thier leaves by the summer ? Only to blossom.
I know you keep asking yourself what makes me hopefull ?
It's pretty simple, during my life experience in my community i have to help people and give them a reason to live even i traveled to another country to give a hand.
Secondly, i try always to smile against the calamities.
Finely i don't have any secrets to hide, so i feel free.
Now you see how simple it is, just repel negativity with positivity and watch life bring every single possibility, have an attitude for gratitude and if you want to be happy that's exactly what we're meant to do.
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People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, Algeria

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