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The sun will rise again
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Changing focus on bad things in your life and look for anything that is good, no matter how small. Small acts of kindness build momentum.
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Make an effort to watch the sun set, and then watch it rise the following morning. No matter how bad the situation in your life is, the sun will rise the next day if YOU give it the opportunity. Your current situation is temporary, suicide is forever. Choose to have the opportunity to watch the sun rise tomorrow.
Depression deepens when you focus on only on your situation. Changing your focus on all that is bad in your life and look for anything that is good, no matter how small. Health, having clean water, having a sibling…anything. Hold on to that positive thought. Then look at yourself and smile, smiles are free.
You need to define what happiness means to you. Then look for purpose, humans need to have a sense of purpose to make any sense of this life. If it is holding doors for people, then be the best door holder the world has ever seen. Make an effort to do a small act of kindness, it will feel good. Give someone a compliment, If you have the means, buy a cup of coffee for a someone. Small positive steps become easier with time. Soon, you will be running toward happiness, only to realize that you achieved that goal along the way.
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