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I have been trying to be very mindful of keeping my vibration high as the holidays can be so triggering. My best secret is putting on 80's love songs and singing them in the silliest and most animated way to my dogs!

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  • Lemoos May 23, 2018, 9:10 a.m. PDT
    My hope and happiness is from Inner me not outside me

    Whenever I'm estranged with life, I always call myself by saying, hey you "Hassan" don't allow yourself to be clinically ill that you can easily be handed to medical Doctors to manage on behalf of your relatives because many people think you're a burden to them while many of your enemies will think their incarnation and bad wishes have worked over you.
    After that, I would say, "Hassan", how many people have you Left behind in terms of worldly and spiritual progress? Don't you know that you're a miraculous type that can succeed in life as you were doing up to when you put yourself into this miserable situation? Why are you depressed or sad? Don't you know that this world is artificial and what is that artificial thing that is getting you sad? Do you think you were here in this artificial world before? Where do you come from, where are you now and where are you going?
    Whenever I finished poundering on these questions. The next thing I do is to go out to visit friend or any where that there is social gathering or visit my farm. And whenever I come back from any of this place mentioned, I'll then supplicate and revisiting the meaning of the following Qur'anic verses: Chapter 1, verse 1-7 and chapter 3, verse 26-27, or if i can't do that, i always play and listen to Qur'anic recitation, after then I'll resume into leisure of my academic activities on and on...
    And before I discover, I'm off the hopeless and depressed mood. Thank you as you as I share my experiences with you.