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The problems always exist, we must know that above all problems and diseases God can help us, just look for it in prayer.
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Every day I prostrate before God and pray, I tell him my problems, I ask for protection for the day I am going to start, that he blesses me on that day, my mistakes I ask him to forgive them, He comforts me in times of weakness and gives me new forces, when a problem arises or I'm going to undertake something new I also prostrate and ask for your address to be certain that what I do is for the best. If I feel that something is not right or a problem comes gold, not to erase the problem, but to have the wisdom and attitude to face the problem and get out of it, that way I can help someone with the same problem , if I feel that this problem is very big or escapes my hands, I only ask God that it is He who takes care of everything. and He makes me live confident.
He promises to be with me, in tribulation or anguish, he will not leave me or forsake me, I will not fear. God hears the cry of the righteous and promises to rid us of all our anguish.
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Ate, Lima, Peru

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