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HOPE Helping Other Possibilities Emerge
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Strength and guidance often comes from an unknown, unlikely source; be open to it.
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Read widely, delving into other people's accomplishments, be ever watchful for anything that might help which may come in unexpected ways through a radio interview, a movie, music or song lyrics, an overheard conversation, ?anything. By remaining flexible and being open to exploration and creativity, answers may often be found. Use your intuition.
And always, always take care of yourself. You are unique, there is only one of you so nurture yourself as you would a seedling. Sit amongst nature, observing, experiencing, and appreciating, for nature can be a great source of inspiration, healing and soothing - hug a tree, rub a leaf, smell the flowers and the scent of the bush - enjoy the moment, be present and enjoy all that nature has to offer. For it is often in these still moments that we learn to accomplish much.
Ask the universe for guidance, givng your problems to the wind so that the turmoil is tossed, lessened and solutions offered because you unburdened yourself and remained open minded.
Never ever give up hope for sometimes HOPE is all that you have to go on.
HOPE Helping Other Possibilities Emerge.
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Tasman, New Zealand

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