Guide: Successful Crowdsourcing Strategies

Below is a list of strategies that have been used in some of the recent successful projects hosted on HeroX. We encourage you to try some of them on your own crowdsourcing initiative! 

How to Make a Spaceship:

  • Sent several personal invitations to join the competition
  • Promoted by high profile individuals/influencers
  • Frequent and personal Updates posted to the HeroX page
  • Private messages sent to the community every day or every other day
  • Interesting prizes (experiences rather than a straight dollar value)
  • Low barrier to compete/win (e.g. no expertise in a certain subject necessary)
  • 1 phase

Unleash your Geek

  • Focused on a specific area (City of San Jose)
  • Press release and event at launch
  • Low to medium barrier to compete/win
  • 2 phases

Reverse Pitch

  • Focused on a specific area (City of Austin)
  • In-person event at launch
  • Only open to Austin residents
  • 2 phases

Smart Bearing

  • Targeted Facebook ads
  • Clear and concise messaging used in the Overview and Guidelines sections to easily convey the purpose and goal

Save Them All

  • Organization was very active in promoting through their own social media channels (including running their own Facebook ads)
  • Short submission form (4 questions total; 3 required and 1 optional) that allowed anyone to participate easily and quickly
  • 2 phases