Template: Deadline Extension Update and Message to Competitors

With your submission deadline approaching, you may be considering extending the deadline date. You might be wondering: how do I know if I should extend? What needs to happen if I do? Can I even change my submission deadline date? No worries, HeroX is here to help!

Here are some common reasons to extend your deadline:

  • You are looking to increase your number of registered competitors and submissions
  • You have received requests from competitors
  • You are implementing a new marketing strategy or other promotional plan that will drive more traffic to your crowdsourcing page
  • There have been delays or shifts in other activities that require you to extend it (e.g. finalizing judging panel has taken longer than expected, winner announcement date had to be pushed back, etc.)

Here’s what you need to do if you end up extending:

  • Change your Timeline
    • NOTE: don’t wait until the last minute to do so, be sure to update it at least 1 day before the original date. Otherwise, once the submission deadline event passes, it will be locked and you cannot change it without the HeroX team’s assistance
  • Post an Update to the page and send a message out to all competitors with the new deadline date
  • Notify your judges
  • Shift any subsequent event dates (judging, voting, and winner announcement) to accommodate the extension
  • Change any text in the Overview, Guidelines or FAQ sections that reference the old deadline


Click here to view our messaging templates you can use to announce your submission deadline extension.