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Template: Judging Overview Email Template

Subject: (Crowdsourcing Project Name/Title) Judging Panel Overview

Dear (insert judge’s name),

Thank you very much for your willingness to participate as a member of the judging panel for the (insert crowdsourcing project name/title).

This document serves to provide panel members with an overview of roles and responsibilities, key dates, the time commitment as well as the timing of those hours. Should you have questions at any time in this process, please contact (insert project manager’s name and contact information).

Award Structure

(Your company/organization name) will award (# of awards) based on the most innovative and creative ideas and implementable plans.  (Insert your award structure here, example language follows: The first and second awards will be determined by the Evaluation Panel. The People’s Choice Award, a separate award, will be selected by means of a public vote during this phase.

The award to be granted are:

  • 1st Award - $XX,XXX USD
  • 2nd Award - $X,XXX USD
  • People’s Choice Award - $X,XXX USD)

Panel Member Responsibilities & Time Commitment

As a member of the judging panel, your role is to evaluate and select the top innovations submitted via the online competition.

Participating as a panel member requires no travel time as our meetings and evaluation discussions will be held via conference call and/or video-conference call. We anticipate the total time commitment on your part to be approximately X hours.

(The following Work Activity table is optional)

The participation requirement includes four major components:

Work Activity

Estimated Time Required


Attend a short Competition Overview Conference Call to introduce the project, establish common expectations and discuss next steps.

30 minutes


Attend a short Online Evaluation Platform Overview Call to review the HeroX platform and demonstrate how to use the available online evaluation tools

30 minutes


Review, evaluate and score shortlisted entries. This will involve some serious reading!

X hours


Attend a Submission Evaluation & Select Winners video-conference call where discussion about entries will be facilitated and the Top (X) award winners determined.

2 hours

To give panel members a sense of the timing and the level of effort that will be required throughout the project, activities described in the table above are cross-referenced with the Project Schedule below.

Any scheduling or participation concerns or conflicts should be communicated to the Project Manager as soon as is possible in order to determine next steps and consider alternative planning strategies.

Project Schedule

Key Dates and Milestones for the (insert crowdsourcing project name/title):

1. Crowdsourcing Project Launch – (insert launch date)

The project will be launched and open for submissions

2. Submissions Deadline – (insert deadline date)

All submissions for the (crowdsourcing project name/title) are due by (insert time, time zone and date) . After that time, no submissions will be accepted.

3. First Review by the Project Team Completed – (insert estimated date)

All submissions will be reviewed to ensure the minimum requirements are met.  Any submission that does not meet the minimum requirements will be disqualified from the competition.

4. Judging Panel Review Commences –  (insert estimated date)

Panel members will receive the short-listed, eligible submissions via the online HeroX platform. Individual review and evaluation will begin. Individual scores are to be assigned and comments noted for each submission.

See Work Activity 3 in table above – panel members estimated time required X hours.

5. Judging Panel Review Completed – (insert judging completion date)

The Evaluation Panel review will be completed by (insert date). Completed score cards are submitted to the Project Manager for compilation and analysis.

6. Analyze Judging Panel Results Completed – (insert date)

The Project Team will compile individual panel member results and identify top submissions as determined by the panel.

7. Selection of Winners Completed – (insert date)

Panel members will attend a video-conference hosted and facilitated by the Project Team to discuss and identify top X submissions, and select the winner(s) of the award(s)

See Work Activity 4 in the table above – panel members estimated time required 2 hours.

8. People’s Choice Top Finalists and Voting – (insert date)

The links to the top X submissions will be posted on the HeroX site for review and voting by the HeroX community. People’s Choice voting will commence on (insert date)

9. Closing of People’s Choice Voting – (insert date)

People’s Choice voting will close at (insert time, time zone and date)

10. Announcement of Winning Submissions – (insert date)

The award winner(s) of the competition will be announced on (insert date)

Evaluating Submissions

The panel will use the below judging criteria that have been set out in the Crowdsourcing Description as the basis for selecting winning submissions. 


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments in the meantime. Otherwise, I will be in touch again soon!


(your name)