Guide: How to Use the Judges section


The Judges section allows you to add judges to your evaluation panel, and edit or delete any previously-added judges.

Before you can add a person as a judge, that person must be a registered user on the HeroX website or you can invite them via email to register as a user. This screen-cast provides instructions on how to register on the website.

To add a judge, click the “add judge” button. Begin typing the registered user’s name. When the correct user name appears, click it. If desired, add details like the person’s title or a short biography in the Description field.

Repeat the steps above to add as many judges as needed. When finished, click the “Update” button at the bottom of the page to save your judges.

To invite a judge by email, click on the “Invite by email” button, type in their email address and then click “Submit”. The judge will receive an email with a confirmation link they will need to click on to accept their role as a judge on the panel.

You also have the ability to customize an NDA for the judges to agree to before they can be added to the panel. Click on the “NDA for Judges” button and you will be taken to a new screen that will populate with default text for the NDA.  You can leave the text as is or make any adjustments or additions specific to your crowdsourcing project.