Guide: How to Use the Timeline section


The Timeline section allows you to display the schedule on your HeroX page (see next page for a visual). Setting these milestones also triggers key functions on the platform (see below).

To create your Timeline, click the “add event” button. Select the date using the calendar in the date field; set the time of the event using the sliders beneath the calendar. Select the event type from the pull-down menu to the right of the date field; select a pre-defined event from the list or choose “Other” to create a custom event (if you choose “Other” a new field will appear for you to enter a title for this event). If desired, enter additional details or descriptions for the event; this text will appear in the “Timeline” section of your HeroX page.

Repeat the steps above to add as many events as are needed. When finished, click the “Update Timeline” button at the top of the page. You can update your events after you add them, however, once the date and time have passed for any given event, you will no longer be able to update that event.

Following is a list of the event types that automatically trigger certain features on the HeroX platform:

  • Enter – Users can register for your competition by clicking the Accept Challenge button; submission form is locked
  • Registration Deadline - Accept Challenge button is replaced with the text: “Registration Closed” but competitors can still submit or edit their entry
  • Submission Deadline – Accept Challenge button is replaced with the text: “Registration Closed” and competitors are no longer able to submit or edit entries
  • Judging – Judging criteria is locked and uneditable
  • Judging Close – Judges are no longer able to access submissions to score or revise their scores
  • Voting Open – Voting functionality enabled
  • Voting Close – Voting functionality disabled
  • Won - Users selected as winners are automatically published on your HeroX page. (View our how to select winners screen-cast here).

Once you create a timeline for your crowdsourcing project, it will appear in a new tab titled “Timeline”. See below for an example: