Guide: How to Form a team on HeroX

To create a team on a crowdsourcing project or competition, you will first need to register by clicking the “Solve this Challenge” button on the HeroX page. If you don’t have a HeroX account already, you’ll be prompted to create one. After you’ve created and confirmed your account, you will be taken back to this step to complete your challenge registration. 



Once you have reviewed and accepted the intellectual property and challenge agreement, you will be given the option to create or join a team, or compete individually. Click on the first option, “Yes, I want to create my own team”.



Next, you can invite others to join your team via email. You can do this step now or invite team members later. Make sure to check the ‘I accept the terms of the Team Agreement’ checkbox which will allow you to click ‘Continue’.


Then, you have the option of adding your team to the Team Matching section. If you want to recruit additional team members, we recommend clicking the ‘Yes, I want to set my team’s status as Looking for Teammates’. You will then be taken to another screen to add some details about your team and what skills you’re seeking. If you don’t need to recruit additional team members, click the ‘No’ option.



If you decide to add your team to the Team Matching section at a later date, go to the Teams section on the main challenge page, and click the ‘Find a Team’ button. This will take you to the Team Matching section where you’ll see the ‘Add my Team’ button. Click that to fill out the information and add your team to find other teammates.




If you create a team and decide to invite others to join later, you can do so by going to your team page and clicking the “Invite” button in the upper right corner. You can also edit your team name, add a description or upload a logo by clicking ‘Edit’.


You can get to your team page by clicking the “My Team” button on the challenge, or by going to your profile and it will be under the Challenges tab at the top: