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Global Air to Water Challenge

1 Billion+ Air to Water machines rolled out in 10 - 25 years solving fresh drinking water supplies and other applications
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Challenge Overview

1 Billion Air to Water machines rolled out in 10 - 25 years solving fresh drinking water supply forever


The Problem

Global Fresh Water Supply  - From Scarcity to Abundance with Air to Water machines - making fresh water out of the humidity in air!

Air to Water machines take in normal air then extract and condense the humidity into pure liquid water.

A Scarcity to Abundance strategy has been unleashed by Peter Diamandis in global water supply.  Air to Water machines are about to become common globally.

The ultimate solution is to make 1 billion+ Personal Air to Water machines at a retail price under $500 solving fresh drinking water supplies forever.

A $100 profit margin will generate $100 billion dollars for Peter Diamandis's Abundance Portfolio and Xprize R & D.

The Solution:-

A prototype is needed an Air/Water Machine that can make three litres+ of water in 24 hours at the smallest wattage in an affordable rechargeable portable unit for personal use.

The winning prototype will win the $100,000 and the ability to ratify mass producing the prototype to solve fresh drinking water supplies. 

Fresh water is scarce away from rivers, dams and lakes - Air to Water machines create water out of thin air.

With the right technology clean fresh water can be abundant and freely available from personal, rechargeable, portable, Air to Water machines - condensing humidity into liquid water.


The Challenge Breakthrough

A Personal, Portable, Rechargeable, Affordable,  Air to Water Machine suitable for Home, Office and Travel that makes three litres+ in 24 hours.

Atmospheric Water Generators are an exponential technology at an early stage.

The objective is Inventing a prototype personal, portable, rechargeable affordable, Air/Water Machine to mass manufacture for a global market.

Making cheap personal Air to Water machines for 1 Billion people+

When fresh water scarcity is solved the carrying capacity population of the planet increases.

Eventual applications can be :-

Coffee Machines, Hydraulics, Radiators in Cars, Hydroponics, Coolant Systems, Aquaculture, Travelling, Camping, Beverage Vending Machines, Reticulation, Hydrogen Airships, Public Water Fountains, Hydrogen/Oxygen Batteries and thousands of applications that need water.


How to Win the Challenge

Creating a high performance, low wattage, personal, portable, rechargeable, Air to Water machine prototype ready to be mass manufactured for a global market

The winning Air/Water machine must outperform all other competitors in water production, time taken to produce water and electrical watts used.

The Air to Water machine must meet the following criteria




*Energy Efficient

"The Air to Water Machine Prototype must make a minimum three litres of drinking water, in 24 hours on one battery charge"



12 Months

Additional rules

*Must also work plugged into ac power socket for continuous use as well as dc car socket.


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