Verizon’s Smart Community Vertical solutions

key insights
  • In the Gigabit Network world of 5G, all smart city sensor-to-infrastructure and vehicle sensors-to- infrastructure (V2I) communication will terminate at the Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) nodes at 5G’s Gigabit speeds. It is indeed this processing at the edge and the use of millimeter wave that produces tremendous speeds and incredibly low latency. To that end, literally any and all back-end Gigabit applications will need to ingest critical city operations and vehicle data from the MEC. Verizon is first to market in fixed and mobile 5G and will be instrumental in any data transfer to other back end system such as the DC envisioned Gigabit Application. Verizon’s Smart Community Vertical solutions will further have many of their intelligent algorithms running at the MEC. In view of the fact that Verizon currently has test-beds of 5G running in NYC and DC, they could act as potential source of 5G data sources for ingestion by the contestants of the GigabitDCx application development contest.
additional information
To facilitate interaction with Verizon in this regard, contestants and participants can reach out to Kevin Curtis at