Subject Matter Expert: Melissa Deas, Climate Program Analyst - DOEE
brief description
Melissa Deas is a Climate Program Analyst at the DC Department of Energy and Environment where she focuses on climate adaptation and resilience. Much of her research is centered on how climate resilience can support and be part of a larger strategy to address inequality. She is also interested in finding creative ways to integrate climate considerations into a wide range of decision-making practices.
key insights
  • What Ms Deas would like to see from the challenge: More information on the urban heat island (we have surface temperature and ambient air temperature data) and areas of the District with the highest cooling potential. Key performance indicators for measuring and reporting on climate risks.
additional information
Ms. Deas completed her Master’s in City Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her BA in Sociology at Harvard College. Prior to her role at DOEE, she worked at Georgetown Climate Center and the Union of Concerned Scientists.