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Global Environmental Monitoring Network
uRADMonitor - an IoT solution established for the purpose of measuring and accelerating the implementation of safe and secure environment.
by uRADMonitor/ Environmental Monitoring Network
Road Vision - Keeping an Eye on Traffic
Road vision is an information sharing app that translates video feeds from different sources into traffic mobility and safety information.
by Road Vision
Underwater Wireless Networks
Track information about our oceans utilizing "noiseless" underwater wireless signals
by Andrew Kamal's team
How's My Driving App
The How’s My Driving app harnesses the collective power of DC road users to make our streets safer for all.
by Mark Sussman's team
CornerBOI Telehealth Kiosk
The concept compares the health of the most vulnerable citizens in a micro environment to the health of that micro-environment itself.
by Kenneth Walton
Dynamhex | Track climate change goals and actions
Dynamhex informs and enhances the ability of district residents to make decisions that lead to fulfillment of DC clean energy plan targets
by Sunny Sanwar's team