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My DC: Push/Pull App.
An app that allows government and citizens to interact. A push /pull system to disseminate and collect information, a municipal/social app.
by Daren Jones
Hyper Local Content for Local DC Communities
Hyper local content sharing based on your proximity to any signal your phone can detect to improve city-wide communications.
by LifeTagger
GIGABIT ETHERNET: From 100 to 1,000 Mbps
The installed base for Ethernet ranges from PCs and servers to print- ers, test equipment, telephone switches
by shadi hawwash
Virtual Tourstist Robot & Dockless Scooter tender
Remote controlled robots that allow visitors to tour DCs monuments, parks and museums. System also delivers and removes dockless scooters.
by Crystal Clear Automation
Smart Cities
world is facing increasing urbanization while,simultaneously, major cities have become a magnet for talent and a driver of economic growth.
by Soso Basem
Crowd sourced traffic optimizing app
Mobile app uses deep learning to provide optimal routes based on real-time data from each phone. Also tool for traffic planning.
by Crystal Clear Automation
Smooth Operator
App that addresses potholes and rough or uneven roads found within the District of Columbia. Use GSP, vibrations and sharp wheel movement.
by Jerald White
Road Vision - Keeping an Eye on Traffic
Road vision is an information sharing app that translates video feeds from different sources into traffic mobility and safety information.
by Road Vision
The rise of the Gigabit City
We’re in the middle of a digital revolution. Across the UK, the rise of new technologies and cloud services are radically transforming
by Shahinaz Basem
Live-Trak: Manage Your DC Commute More Efficiently
Live-Trak app allows DC commuters to post transit info thru texts & pics, add funds to SmarTrip cards and get real-time transportation info.
by Clearly Innovative Inc
See the Unseen!
uRADMonitor is aimed at collecting and storing urban air quality data through a modern, cost effective and easy to deploy technology.
by uRADMonitor/ Environmental Monitoring Network
Flight Time a air/land traffic control
A open mobile application for all transportation industry through ai that is interconnected to autonomous cars
by Richard Balauro
How’s My Driving DC? Mobile App
The “How’s My Driving DC? Mobile App” is a crowdsourcing solution for pinpointing DC’s most habitually dangerous drivers
by Mark Sussman's team
Bike Valet Management App
Our app makes managing a bike valet easy and efficient. It texts the user a claim ID, and keeps track of everyone that's checked in.
by Jonathan Weidman
A system named SoundNet is proposed, a computer network to measure noise levels in real time. Live demo http://www.eden-earth.org:9000/
by Pedro Vicente
Underwater Wireless Sensory Networks
Underwater Wireless networks that can track information about our ocean with a noiseless signal
by Andrew Kamal's team

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