Congratulations to the Flexible Pipes Lifecycle Challenge Winners!

This challenge tasked participants with imagining how retired flexible pipes from offshore oil or gas fields can be safely repurposed, diverting the materials from landfill and promoting sustainable development.

The challenge received over 100 submissions, with participants coming from across the globe. The submissions imagined the materials in a variety of different industries, such as utilities, construction, and farming, and proposed using the pipes in a range of different environments, including marine and urban environments.

Judges determined x entries to award a total of $19,500 in prizes across 3 categories.

Best Western Australia Solutions

These solutions presented the most relevant and feasible ideas within the available timeframe and location of the pipes.

First Place - $5,000

  • Michael van der Bent - Hydro Re-Fertilizing Australia
    • ‘Hydro Re-Fertilizing Australia’ proposes re-using the tubes to transport sea water inland for desalination and reuse

Second Place - $3,500

  • Jamel M’Hamdi - In ... the fight against marine erosion of beaches
    • ‘In ... the fight against marine erosion of beaches’ proposes using the pipes to fight against beach erosion

Third Place - $1,000 

  • Jovanovic Igor - Cooling For Green Power
    • ‘Cooling For Green Power’ proposes re-purposing the pipes and materials to build and support various elements of solar power plants
  •  Darren Miller - Flexi-Hydro: Flexibles Enable Local (Pumped) Hydro
    • ‘Flexi-Hydro: Flexibles Enable Local (Pumped) Hydro’ proposes re-purposing the flexible pipes to be used in a hydroelectric power system.

Judges Choice Innovative Solution

These solutions have the potential to create a strong environmental impact or transform the materials into innovative and useful products, but may not be as applicable to the specific pipes and materials this challenge is focused on.

First Place - $5,000

  • Baha Abulnaga - From Flexible Pipes to Ingots of Super Metals
    • ‘From Flexible Pipes to Ingots of Super Metals’ proposes converting the materials into metal ingots through a process of metal melting

Second Place - $2,500

  • Corey Callahan - Oceanic Pumped Hydro
    • ‘Oceanic Pumped Hydro’ proposes using the pipes to move sea water as a concept for storing renewable energy.

Honorary Mentions

At the judges’ discretion, 3 additional teams have been recognized.

Honorary Mentions - $500

  • Mirosław Falkowskimirek’s team - Rock and Roll, Belt Roller
    • ‘Rock and Roll, Belt Roller’ proposes re-purposing the pipes into raw material to manufacture belt roller covers
  • Aires Silveira - Control of Vegetative Fire and Reuse of Pipes
    • ‘Control of Vegetative Fire and Reuse of Pipes’ proposes using the pipes to fight vegetation fires
  • Naveet Samhotra - Poles, Railings, Crash-Guards, etc.
    • ‘Poles, Railings, Crash-Guards, etc.’ proposes re-purposing the materials to build various structures on roads and urban environments.

Woodside Energy looks forward to exploring these ideas more, and looking at further opportunities to crowdsource.

Lastly, HeroX and Woodside would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who entered the challenge. While we were only able to recognize a small fraction of those who entered, there were so many other insightful and creative solutions.