Financial Gravity Companies launched the HeroX Prize in an effort to create an application optimized to lower personal taxes for business owners, entrepreneurs and high net worth families with multiple sources of income, some investments, and the ability to save for the future. Small businesses owners and those with even smaller "side businesses" (or other additional income) will get even more value, as the application will aid in pre-emptive decision making and business planning to help retain as much of their income as possible.

The prize will be awarded to Clint Batman of Frisco, Texas. “Clint’s design was the most practical. It allowed us to move our current software to a platform that will allow it to evolve over time. We will be able to increase accuracy of the plans over our current methods and lay the foundation of what will become Odele™,” said Jim Reggio, Chief Technology Officer,

“It is surprising that we received entries from all over the world and the best design was in a neighboring city. This is the beginning of the future where everyone will have access to the best legal, moral and ethical tax advice, not just the rich and powerful. This project will allow us to leverage our current data and software and meet the needs of more people, faster and with higher accuracy. This is a very exciting development," said John Pollock, CEO.

Thank you to everyone who participated in or followed along with the competition!