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A gift for marine world and Treasure for competitors
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“PICK” stands for Playful Inter-crossing Conical Kit.

“PICK” consists of four conical shapes joined to an octagonal center piece. Each conical shape is open in both ends and the smaller face of each conic will have male thread and the octagonal center will have four female threads (complementary thread) for male threads to get attached. Besides the four female threads there will be two large holes with female threads at the top and bottom of the octagonal center. On each of these holes there would be two collection discs screw in with a full turn. On each disc XPRIZE logo will be engraved along with a circular handle welded on it (Under water robots will collect the disc by grabbing this handle and unscrewing it from base with robotic arms). These discs will be made of non-toxic, high density materials (e.g. -galvanized iron, tungsten or bismuth) to work as the ballast of PICK to stabilize its position.

“PICK” will be constructed with marine grade aluminum - variation 6061-T6. It is an excellent material for when features like formability and corrosion resistance is required. This grade has additional chromium and manganese to help protect it from corrosive marine conditions.

If wanted the design can be constructed with other marine grade materials.
After all the parts are being attached and PICK is being deployed it will sink down to the sea bed and its design will ensure that at least one collection disc will face upward.

(i) “PICK” will work as a perfect treasure for the teams with two collection discs present on board from where only one can be collected by the winning team.
(ii) “PICK” can be turned into a memorial to mark the beginning of Hi-res underwater mapping. At least one collection disc will always remain in the structure where memorandum can be engraved for future reference.
(iii) ”PICK” will be a gift for the marine life at 4000m depth. The creatures living there are characterized by weak muscles, soft skin and slimy bodies such as squids, octopuses, gulper eel, dragon fish etc.
“PICK” will serve as the habitat or at least playground for these weak muscled species.

I was inspired by the letter “X”.
As I’m proposing a full open structure - overall pressure will be neutralized.
No matter how “PICK” will be deployed, it will always land with either of the large faces on top. The structural design will not allow it to stand on any of the sides.
“PICK” Doesn't have any toxic materials or source of active light and sound so it is harmless for ocean environment.
“PICK” can be re-sized proportionally according the need of the contest.

I believe “PICK” is and will be a curious piece of artifact in the marine environment.
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