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Green Sea Turtle
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It is a Turtle that is made of authentic stone that is cover with paint spray that can be a good treasure for the hunters.
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Recycling isn’t the solution for most materials, it’s a band aid to a larger problem. In some
cases, it’s more ‘greenwashing’ than anything – clever marketing to make the wrong choice feel
easier to make. However, when you recycle natural stones/rocks, it’s still stone/rocks. It can be
recycled many times than plastic, too. Unlike plastics or other harmful materials, stone/rocks
won’t hurt the earth when it returns to it.
So the researchers came up with an idea and chose to make a turtle out of stones because
stones can withstand the pressure underwater even in 4000 meters depth in the ocean. The
researchers chose to make a turtle because it is a creature that can’t be easily found as a
treasure hunt, who would have thought that this turtle is alive or just an object designed for
treasure hunting?. The researchers designed the turtle as realistic as a living turtle to confuse
the person in treasure hunting. This design is nature-friendly because we made sure that the
materials we used are harmless. In this design the researchers used natural stone/rocks.
Natural stone, because natural stone has no synthetic ingredients, it comes from the earth and
can be used in its unadulterated form, it will prevent unnecessary environmental damage.
Natural stone/rocks is consistent through temperature changes. Wood, metal, and cement all
experienced some form of expansion or contraction throughout seasonal temperature changes.
These changes even have the potential to damage or warp these materials, whereas natural
stone can remain consistent, even in the most extreme temperature changes. Permanent
marker to make mark that last, it is totally safe in the sea/ocean. Paint, we will use this to color
the turtle, and lastly, Cement is safe underwater, we will use this to put the stones together,
like the turtle’s body and head and also the turtle’s flippers/feet.
Further to this, natural stone’s density has energy-saving benefits, and it creates fewer
kilograms of CO2 per ton than general concrete, slate, timber, or steel, stone reconnects nearby
human traffic with nature in any ways.
We chose the turtle as a design because this inspire us with my groupmates that all of us should
be independent in facing our own problems because not all the time we have someone to lend
and rely on, just like a baby turtle after hatching, they have to struggle and have a long way to
go to the ocean innocently and not minding the predators surrounding the area alone, you just
have to be lucky and think for your decisions to be effective.
“Sea turtle are now endangered and we want to remind others that these ancient mariners are
now facing habitat destruction and accidental capture of fishing gear, we have to help them,
stop declining sea turtles and work for recovery species.”
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