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A message for future generations
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Would future archaeologists understand more about humanity if they found an artifact containing information about it in the ocean depths?
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My submission for the XPRIZE "Design a Deep-Sea Treasure" competition is an artifact that acts as a time capsule, containing a timeline of important events throughout human history. The main reason I chose this idea is because I find it unique and it might be somewhat useful in the future.
The artifact is shaped like an ellipsoid, because I didn't want to include any sharp corners in my design. This is because of the huge pressure down in the ocean depths.
After doing some research on what materials can be used in making this artifact, I found that titanium (or some of its alloys) would be a great choice. There are many reasons for that:
1) Titanium has a good strength-to-weight ratio. This will help survive the pressure of about 380 atmospheres down about 4000m in the ocean.
2) Titanium is a very environmentally friendly element, being non-toxic even in large doses.
3) Titanium doesn't corrode in seawater, meaning it won't oxidize while in the ocean.
I did consider steel for a bit, but it oxidizes underwater so it probably isn't a good choice.
The colour of the object should be golden yellow, to stand out in the ocean depths. I’ve planned the diameter and height to be 30 cm and 8 cm, respectively. However, they can be adjusted if necessary.
Another reason I think my design is environmentally friendly, is because it doesn't produce any light or noise pollution.
The timeline of the time capsule would be carved into the object, if that's possible. To be specific, a timeline would be on both sides of the object. The timeline is moving in a spiral towards the middle, as the time progresses. It starts from the edge, indicating the beginning of the universe, moving onto primitive technology, then onto the inventions we use to this day, ending in the middle at the year 2018, with the XPRIZE logo. The icons used in designing the timeline are either in public domain or made by me.
I like this design mainly because it’s simple, but can give a lot of information at the same time.
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