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Poseidon's Trident
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Our idea was intended bring light to ocean mythology. We believed that we had to design an object that will be close to a real treasure.
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Inspired by Greek mythology, our design pays homage to Poseidon, God of the Sea, who wields a mighty trident to convey his power. According to the website, the trident “was so powerful that it could shake the earth” and was said to be the creator of Greek waters. My team and I decided to fashion a trident resting on a pedestal because we believed it would be entertaining for the finalists of the Shell Ocean Discovery competition to “recover” a priceless and mythical object of power from the ocean floor. Our trident dons a golden body and pedestal with an emerald green sphere at the end of the trident and a splash of red-orange on the head. The gold on our design symbolizes the power of the almighty Sea God who reigned over Greece’s water sources. The eye-catchingly metallic color is easy to locate as light reflects off of the object. The emerald green sphere is in honor of Poseidon’s name when translated into the English language: “lord of the earth” ( The red-orange design on the head of the trident represents the common traits of the Greek gods and goddesses: strength, courage, and determination. The reason a pedestal was included in our design was to assure that the object would sink the entire 4000-meter journey to the ocean floor and land in the proper orientation with the trident standing upright as the pedestal acts as its base.Though our design seems dangerous since it can be used as a weapon and features multiple sharp-looking points, my team and I altered the final product to avoid harming marine life. The edges of the trident have been filleted -- or rounded off -- to prevent the impaling of sea creatures as the “treasure” makes its way to rest on the ocean floor. On the topic of ocean-safety, we planned on developing the trident out of marble and stainless steel. Marble is composed of various all-natural materials such as clay minerals, mica, and quartz. This metamorphic rock is as heavy as it is strong and presents no harm to the ocean nor its inhabitants. Stainless steel, a metal prized for its industrial strength, is recyclable and eco-friendly since it does not corrode easily. Hopefully, this object will help the main competitors to effectively map out the ocean floor and locate the object.
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