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Mirror, Mirror, on the prize
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With the theme Ocean discovery mixed with Ocean mythology, we have designed something that can mean more than you think it is.
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Treasure hunting is nothing new for us. Indeed, treasure hunting is a game in which competitors follow a series of clues that lead to a hidden prize. It could be an activity where a treasure hunter or a group of treasure hunters are doing their effort just to find a treasure and once they’ll get it, each object within the treasure has its value.

But here, this kind of thing is very extraordinary, yet an innovative one made by our ideas on how we come up in this kind of thing. This idea dedicated to the treasure hunters worldwide, who spend their lives just to discover what’s inside in the treasure, with the help of the technology aided treasure hunting device. Yet this kind of treasure is far from expected, since what’s inside is beyond on what they had expected.

All of the materials found are made of the Kato polyclay, three glasses of wine bottles, sand, strong cement, easy-to-press-button, mirror, gold-plated word SALAMAT, and finally, the concrete nails. All of the materials mentioned are safe and marine-life friendly, as it will not harm the living creatures in the ocean. It can withstand the pressure which it could break any material once it will submerge to the ocean measured 4 000 meters depth.

As it is described, we choose this mythical serpent creature inspired by Cetus, a mythical sea monster which Poseidon created. Serpents symbolized as the protectors of the ocean and new life. As you can see the Sea serpent is coming out from a glass bottle it actually means that we all are the serpents, we protect and discover new life but In order to do that, we need to come out of our own bottle and explore all those undiscovered places and things. Corals and Wine bottles are also found in our design to represent the ocean and how to reuse an empty wine bottle.

But this doesn’t end our treasure there because a strong cement will be replicated as a box, in order to open you just need to find the button at the back. Once open you’ll see the real treasure of our design and that treasure will be a mirror. Why a mirror? Because the mirror will be reflected on the explorers themselves. They are the true Treasures of the Ocean, it’s not about the gold or the pearls underneath the ocean. Without the explorers the ocean will still be a mystery today, No discovery will be made without them and under the mirror will be a gold-plated seal written “SALAMAT” that means thank you in Filipino, to show that we are really thankful for them exploring underneath the ocean.

In the end, we would like to say that Teamwork and Imagination make anything impossible possible. Things would make possible when our imaginations turned into bright ideas, as we combined it as one.
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