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Hexagon-shaped recycled material
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It is a hexagon-shaped recycled material made out of plastic bottles and any other recyclable materials
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The ocean is having a major issue that is very common and is known to the world, and that is having plastic wastes that are scattered everywhere in the ocean even in the surface.This plastic wastes are causing harm to the ocean and the marine life,poisoning the fishes and every other life forms in the ocean.It is though that the increasing disease could be due to plastic items blocking light and oxygen from reaching the corals,which require both to survive.Depriving them of this could also make corals more susceptible to infection by harmful microbes,known as pathogens.The one who caused these problems is us, we humans caused these problems because of our ignorance and selfishness. We people should learn how to dispose our garbage properly. Instead of throwing them away, we'll find a way to recycle these wastes. What our team can contribute to lessen this problem is that we designed a deep sea treasure made out of plastics.

We chose this hexagon-shaped design for our deep sea treasure because each of its sides are equal. It also have a flat surface that is capable for the corals to grow. We consider it as a treasure because it contains any recycled materials which is not only helpful for our design, but for our environment to lessen these wastes. The materials used are: plastic bottles because of its different colors that blends in with the environment in the ocean. Another one is the recycled materials such as water containers or used straws to make corals or underwater ornaments. We also included grey sand that serves as an anchor so that it won't float, and lastly, any anti-rust metal formed into a metal stand. Our design is inspired from the underwater device used to unveil the mystery of the ocean.It will benefit the ocean because our design is made from recyclable materials.
We expect that our design would be able to contribute even just a little in saving the ocean by recycling scattered plastics in the ocean. We hope that this design will help motivate others in recycling. And make the ocean and the world clean again.
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