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This treasure hunt design uses the idea of allegory to reveal to the treasure hunters the true treasure this world holds and truly needs.
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The treasure we designed is a treasure within a treasure. Before reaching the real treasure, a series of adventures awaits you. Answering riddles to misleading guides are the obstacles in this treasure hunt.
To reach our treasure, you’ll come across four water nymphs, each having their own representation of something and possessing clues to the real treasure.
The four nymphs’ statues are made to be life size with the height 163 cm. They are all put above a platform with the measurement of 5m by 5m by 5m each made of different materials depending in their representations. Our treasure doesn’t harm the marine life because they do not contain design elements that can entangle or harm marine organisms.
The starting point if the treasure hunt is an anchor made out of alloyed steel. In this anchor, a glass bottle made of transparent aluminum is attached. A note then is written serving as the first clue.
When the adventurers reach the end of this treasure hunt, they then shall understand the true meaning of our work.
The first nymph is defined as the “ancient one”. She is the representation of our good old earth. Bounteous in minerals, she is made with alloyed steel. A material used for submarines to withstand the pressure of the ocean. Containing alloying materials, we believe that it will maintain its strength, corrosion resistance, strength, formability, ductility. This nymph holds the clue to the next nymph.
Upon arriving to the succeeding nymph, we will now introduce the twin nymphs or the “Siamese nymphs”. The same but opposite: ugly and beautiful. Both are representation of the beauty and the downside of this Earth. The twin nymphs are made out of marble stone. Being composed of calcite, marble has a hardness of three on the Mohs Hardness Scale. The beautiful nymph will mislead you to a treasure that is tempting, same with the beauties of this world, alluring but fleeting. While the ugly nymph representing the drawbacks of this world will remind you that behind all hideousness is a beautiful story we all can learn from giving us the power to change our future.
Following the “Siamese twin nymphs”, is the pregnant nymph. This nymph is the representation of the future of this Earth. Carved out if diamonds which has three network covalent bonds which makes it hard, it will emit a very futuristic appeal. Within the womb of our pregnant nymph is the real treasure. With the key you have obtained from the past nymph, you have to open the womb of pregnant nymph and you shall see our treasure kept within an ostrich egg shaped steel.
Our treasure is a treasure that can also make something a treasure. It is no ordinary treasure. Our treasure is a tool for reflection and realization. It is an eye-opener, a treasure that would change the world and shape the fate of mankind.
Happy treasure hunting!
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