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Coraline Deep Sea Treasure
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This design is made with our innovative imaginations. It is inspired by the movie "Coraline."
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Our objective is to create an insane breakthrough sketch design. Recently, millennial students researched and outlined their own crazy designs for this Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE Competition. These sketch designs are meant to be the concealed places for the hidden treasures. A certain design must survive approximately 4,000 meters deep under the ocean and should not be broken due to the pressure. It should be planned skillfully because the pressure increases about 1 atmosphere for every 10 meters of water depth. So, at a depth of 4,000 meters, the pressure will be accurately 400 atmospheres or 400 times greater than the pressure at sea level.
Our group visualized new concepts using our innovative imaginations. We've come with an idea of designing a Coraline theme. It's a movie where you explore and find the eyes of the children involved in the story. We decided to have it because it is made up of corals from the word Coraline and our treasure is likened to an eye. From our sketch, you can see 2 clams, big and small surrounded by the coral reefs and sea weeds, a starfish and a shell at a right side and a google location sign stick for the spot sign. Over the sign, there is an XPRIZE logo and on the starfish, the school's logo is placed. Materials needed for our design could be legit or artificial. For the spot sign, we recommend to use cobalt iron and apply galvanization to avoid rust. Those mentioned things should be attached with the super glue metal epoxy.
Now the question is, where is the treasure? Let's discover the design one by one. Based on our sketch, we can obviously distinguish 2 clams. We do believe that every clam there is a pearl within. But in our design, it's only a distraction. Since the inside of the bigger clam has only spectra fiber form of object and from the smaller one has only a graphene bracelet form of object which weren't worth with money. In other words, we tricked them due to their curiosity and may result them to be puzzled and take time to find the real one.
So, let’s change the question, where is the real one? Searching for it is kind a difficult if there's no focus. Being wise is very essential to find it. With our hypothesis, we believed people think that every treasure is usually found in complicated places. So, why not switch it to upside down? We assume that the competitors were confused and clueless about the real treasure without even checking the spot sign.
And there you have it, the real treasure is found at the middle upper part portion of the sign. It’s one of the gemstones that is called Grandidierite which costs $20,000 per carat. If converted to Philippine peso bill, it’s equivalent to Php1,067,400. It is concealed with a circular colorless storage. This must be obvious but smart people will only make it.
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