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THE HYDRENT: Deep-Sea Treasure
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This is our submission entry for the SHELL Ocean Discovery XPRIZE: Design a Deep-Sea Treasure from our team, THEZARETH.
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As one of the contestant of this competition it is not easy because there are a lot of competitors in different countries. We are proud to represent our very own design of the treasure sea hunting. We tried our very best to do the design with the help of each other’s skills.

Our design is made of plastics and other materials that are not harmful to the ocean. We will only use plastic bottles and a waterproof button, it doesn’t even give pollution under the seafloor, and we filled some cement inside the clam to it will really sink and maintain its orientation, so rest assured, it’s totally safe for the sea. Below 4000 meters from the deep sea, the searchers will find the exact object which we designed. Our design is so unique because it looks like a shell but is made of plastic. There is something that you need to press first before you see what is inside of the shell. Inside of it is a trident that symbolizes the weapon of Neptune/Poseidon (The God of the Sea) in Classical Mythology and also a Hydra that is a serpent like monster in Greek Mythology. Our design was inspired by the movie of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. We also placed a plastic bottle and filled it with hydrent (our treasure) above the cement and is located inside the sea clam. For our treasure to have a unique twist, we decided to put an incredible button that the searchers will exert effort to find the button. The button is connected to the hydrant for the sea clam to open. Our button is waterproof and it blends with the color of the sea or the stone, making it for the searcher to really exert effort to find that button.

Based on the design theme that was asked through the website, we decided to apply a ocean mythology theme on our design. From the huge ocean clam and our “Hydrent”. Why Hydrent? The letters HY came from the HYDRA and the letters DRENT came from the TRIDENT, if combined, we’ll come up with the name, HYDRENT. A saying goes in our group, “If anyone finds the treasure, it will possess great power, and with great power, you’ll be the winner.”
The reason why we do this is we really want to inspire other youth. To show their ability and skills and themselves that they can do whatever they want. In this competition, it is about how creative you are in making every single thing of the design. Also, we made this design to show the creativity that is given by God to us. We know that many people wanted to show their talent and skills so now we conquer our fears. We are this brave enough to take this risk in our life. Our very own first online competition, may we be lucky enough to be called a champion. To God be the Glory.
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