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The Sinking Sub
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This proposed idea is called the Sinking Sub. It is mostly made out of recycled objects and eco friendly materials.
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The design that you see before you is no other than, “The Sinking Sub”. This design was originally made by the HNU Basics group of Holy Name University, Philippines. We chose this design because we think that it is the best object to explore our ocean waters. This object will mostly be made out of or covered by recycled materials, mainly plastic caps of 1.5 liter bottles of any soft drink. We decided to make it out of recycled materials to promote the idea of recycling. The objective here is to make our creation sink, but because of the pressure of the deep sea, our chances of making our creation sink is limited. Everything in the deep ocean is under a great deal of pressure. At any depth in the ocean, the weight of the water above pushes on any object below it. With every foot an object descends into the ocean, more water is pushing down and against it, and more pressure is exerted upon that object. In fact, for every 10 meters traveled deeper into the ocean, there are an additional 6.47kg (14.27lbs) of pressure on each square inch of surface. Normally, plastic cannot sink because it is a light object. Plastic also cannot withstand the pressure of the deep ocean, this is due to the hollow space of most plastic. If a hollow plastic object is placed under the sea under outstanding pressure, the object might implode or explode. To make our invention sink, we decided to fill each one of the plastic caps with cement. This process will not only make the object sink but it will also stop the shrinking of the plastic caps. The procedure in making the “Sinking Sub” is actually pretty easy. The first thing that you need to do is gather up all the plastic caps that you can find, the idea here is to promote recycling. The next thing to do is gather up all of the needed materials in order for you to have an easy time in making the proposed object. After you have gathered all the materials, fill each plastic cap with cement. We will use cement as the weight for the object in order for our creation to sink. After putting cement into the bottle caps, all you have to do is to let it dry. After the cement dries, paint the caps with the color of your choice (Optional). Lastly, stick all the plastic caps together using the bonding agent. After the object dries, all you need to do is drop the object in the ocean. That is all. Thank you and Good Day!
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