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Ching ka Ching
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This game can twist your brain
It is compose of 2 stages
1. The first stage is compose of 4 letters such as a,b,c and d.Where you have to choose one letter.
2. ‎The second stage is compose of 8 numbers.Then choose a number.
Note:You have only three chances.If you're not able to choose the right number, you lose the game.You don't have the chance to find the treasure.
3. At 8 there are 7 fake bluffs and a real one.

Ching ka Ching puzzle is made up of:
> Ecobricks
How to make a ching ka ching puzzle ?
> Make a thin ecobricks
> Connect them with stainless steal
The summary of Ching ka Ching puzzle
>It is a game that plays by young children
> The rules of this game are:
1. You have to choose only one letter
2. ‎Then choose a number until you find it
> But we ching ka ching group changed it.
> Instead of having unlimited chances we only give you three chances for you to be confuse and not able to find the treasure.
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