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The Sword of Promised Victory
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Our design may seem like an unappealing rock at first glance but take a closer look, inside is a treasure which will serve as an inspiration
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“Sword Of Promised Victory”
Our Design Is Based On King Arthur's Legendary Sword "Excalibur" we picked this design because it’s what appealed to us most, although the design is from various sources such as history, anime, games etc. Our item isn’t just some measly prize after all one of its famous names is
“The Sword of Promised Victory” and we’re hoping that if ever our design wins the contest it may also bring victory to the who finds it in the undersea exploring challenge and realize the inner potential of humanity in achieving victory and overcoming any obstacles that come our path.

There are still many things we do not know about the ocean that's why Xprize challenged innovators to step-up to the challenge and design an item that explorers will find in order to learn more about the ocean floor and attempt to fully map the ocean floor for the first time in human history. That's why we came up with our design to serve as an inspiration that humans can do anything as long as we put our minds to it.

Our design is made out of materials that are heavy enough that can reach the ocean floor but is not harmful to marine life, we also made sure that our design would not be easily found as it will blend in
with the environment. It's up to the explorers to do their best and try to realize that something may not be what it seems to be. We decided to make item out of aluminum, concrete, a titanium metal crate and waterproof paint. Aluminum to create the sword, the crate- a container for the sword and concrete to cover the metal crate to make it look like a Rock in order to make it trickier for the explorers to find underwater.
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