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Treasure of the Deep Ones
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The shape of the project would be an octagon and cylindrical in nature in which it is entirely made up of compressed eco-bricks.
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The shape of the project would be an octagon and cylindrical in nature in which it is entirely made out of three layers of compressed eco-bricks. The eco-bricks should be compressed since the project should have no air-filled inclusions in the design (or otherwise, it will result in the collapse or implosion of the project) and in order to ensure the project’s safety against the crushing pressure, spectra fiber will be wrapped between each concrete beams in allowing the vertical stacking of the eco-bricks.

The safety of the marine environment will be the main priority of the project. The project is not harmful towards the marine environment because it is entirely made out of eco-bricks materials. Eco-bricks are composed with clean plastic bottles but instead of placing cut-out plastic wrappers inside the plastic bottle, sand will be the replacement instead. In order for the marine life to thrive around the project, deep-sea corals will be placed inside, the sand within the plastic bottles will be the corals’ source of nutrition and aside from that, the sand will amplify the weight of the project.

For the finishing touches, the design and themes of the project will be added. On top of the project stands a figure of a slithereen (a fictional character in DOTA) and its body will wrap around the entire project. The entire sculpture/figure is entirely made up of stainless steel which have zero negative effects towards the marine environment. As for the colors of both the figure and the entire project design, the chosen colors would be: bluish green, and a little bit of yellow. We’ve chosen these three distinct colors since these are the colors that are commonly seen in deep-sea environment and as a result, the project will be able to camouflage to its surroundings and it will make it more difficult for the explorers to search/find the given project. The slithereen figure will be attached to a coral/rock formation in order to amplify the camouflage effect. Coupled with the other deep-sea corals that are placed within the project will provide two benefits which are: 1.) To be able to camouflage the deep-sea environment and most importantly, 2.) It will provide home and shelter for the living organisms that are living beneath the deep-sea environment. At the very center of the project lies a saying that quotes, “The riches of the darkest sea abysses are mine to protect”. The statement would be from the slithereen figure that is encircling around the entire project simply hinting that what belongs in the ocean, stays and remains in the ocean. As you may already know, several ecosystems in the ocean are already damaged due to human activities. Plus, populations of aquatic species are slowly decreasing due to illegal hunting/or fishing. All of these aquatic organisms deserves a chance in life and as us humans, we should respect and take the utmost care towards the marine environment in order for these majestic creatures to continue thriving throughout the incoming generations.
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