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Ecolodeon Underwater Pineapple
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It is inspired by the cartoon show Spongebob Square pants. Since Spongebob lives under the ocean.
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We came up with this idea of naming this design as Eco-lodeon Underwater Pineapple since it is and will be shaped and painted like a pineapple, it's materials are Eco friendly and the theme it's self is inspired by Nickelodeon's Spongebob Square Pants, a cartoon show for kids. For the bottle, it will be preferred if you use 10-liter plastic bottle with its lid. To add weight to the bottle, add pebbles and sand inside until the bottle is full, then cover it with its lid. For the rocks, cut the bottom parts of the varied sizes of plastic bottles. Then fill it with pebbles and seal the bottles with the Diving Bell spider silk. The spider silk will hold off the pebbles and keep them in place. For the "seaweeds", cut the plastic bottles in a zigzag or wavy strips. It will be much better if they are of different lengths and sizes. And for the top part of the pineapple, also cut some pieces of the plastic bottles to form the pineapple's leaves or the crown on its top and stick the pieces to the bottle using spider silk. Once all the pieces are attached together with spider silk, it's time to add some color. Paint the pineapple's crown with green epoxy paint with darker shades to add emphasis, also with the seaweeds made out of plastic bottles. Now paint the pineapple with yellow, and leave a space for Spongebob's door. Paint the remaining space with brown. Add lines so that it will looks like a real pineapple. Also, paint the logo of the XPrize. Paint the "rocks" with brown or gray. Add emphasis on the color to achieve a certain effect. Make sure to stick the seaweed around the bottle, covering it and making it hard to find in an instant. The seaweed covering the pineapple will serve as a disguise. The explorers might think it's just a seaweed so it won't gain there attention or taking the chance to give a closer look to the object but once the explorers are curious enough to take the risk, they will
investigate the object and thought of parting the seaweeds off and behold they will discover the deep sea treasure the long waited teasure that they are looking for.
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