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"Titanic's Last Remnant"
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You, a fan of the Titanic, seek to find its 'last remnant'. You then resorted to treasure hunting underwater. Will you be able to find it?
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Our ocean is a vast piece of our earth's wonder that no human being has ever explored its depths. Together with the XPrize Shell Ocean Discovery, our team, Hidden Pearls, comes up with an innovation that makes use of the earth's metals and its treasures. This project will be submerged underwater surpassing and surviving the pressure a 4000 meters deep ocean has. This object will then be the subject for the treasure hunting competition the XPrize has come up with, and will likewise be the medium for exploration to probe the profundity of the ocean.

The Titanic set out on its voyage on Wednesday, 10th of April 1912, from the town of Southampton to New York City carrying over 2,000 passengers and crew. Just five days into its journey, the ship collided with an iceberg late on Sunday, 14th of April. Within two hours and 40 minutes, it had sunk. The ship transports millions of jewelries and artifacts. Many divers discovered the treasures of this ship but Titanic still lays a great mystery, pertaining to the legend of "Titanic's Last Remnant". The "Last Remnant" ought to be a gold compass. But others say it is a globe that consists of a golden rosary. People have been curious about this legend so as the researchers who have been unveiling the mystery of that cruise ship. As you are a big fan of the mystery of the Titanic, you sought to find the treasure, along with the other ocean explorers, to add on to your collection of Titanic obsession. The challenge now is for you to seek the treasure, the last remnant of the Titanic.

Object Description:
The globe that has been described as "Titanic's Last Remnant" will be our project. It is a steel globe that holds a golden rosary in it. This steel globe will be able to withstand the pressure a 4000 meters deep ocean has. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, and stands as one of the most commonly used metals in the world across industries from construction to blacksmithing. Iron has a little more hardness than copper. The addition of carbon makes the steel tougher and more durable. That is why we chose to use steel because it can be trusted as it does not contaminate the water which will make it also safe for the underwater creatures, and will be strong enough to withstand the underwater pressure. The steel globe will be measured a circumference of 25.12 inches, a height of 12 inches, and a diameter of 8 inches. The Golden Rosary which will be placed inside the steel globe will be made purely of gold. Gold is the most malleable and ductile metal, characteristics that make it extremely easy to work with, and at the same time strong enough to withstand the underwater pressure.

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will."
We believe, and we know that this innovation that we have, powered by our knowledge will make it through.
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