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Pearl of the Corals
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The treasure would be imitated from real-life corals and would be made from eco-friendly and recycled materials.
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The treasure would take the form of a coral paradise. The innovators chose this design so that the teams would have a harder time finding the treasure and to make the challenge more exciting. The corals would be imitated from real-life corals because using real-life corals for this project would be illegal, they would be made from big plastic bottles and ternary/Quaternary cement which is the kind of cement used in bridge constructions. The plastic bottles would serve as its backbone while the cement would be its filling so that it would survive the pressure underwater, the cement would survive underwater pressure because it contains steel fiber that could hold against so much water pressure, it’s also safe for the underwater life because it does not contain chemicals that are harmful for marine bodies. Then, the formed corals would be coated with non-toxic epoxy paints to make it as realistic as the corals could be, the paint used for the corals is safe because it is non-toxic therefore it does not do great damages to both underwater creatures and the underwater environment overall. After the corals are made, they would be attached to a big glass box with the thickness of the glass ranging from 12-15 inches, the glass would be filled with white sand to give weight in order for the glass to upright itself once it’s being put down on the seafloor. Then, the glass box would be covered with seagrasses and sea pebbles to give it a more naturalistic look and for it to blend with the other organisms and parts of the underwater environment also the corals would be decorated with plants in the form of seagrasses made from recycled specifically plastic bottles; this would make the challenge more thrilling. In order to find the treasure, the teams must search for a tiny glass box with the same thickness as the glass box for it not to burst or break with the strong underwater current, inside the box is a necklace, the lace made from Cuben fiber which is the strongest fabric in the world and is also waterproof, while the pendant would be made from a used seashell bearing the logo of the contest at the front of the shell while the logo of the school is attached at the back, but the tricky thing here is, all corals contain glass boxes but only one contain the glass box with the necklace in it which makes the hunt more worthwhile. This treasure would not harm the underwater environment in any way because it didn’t make use of anything such as extremely harmful paints or chemicals, and it didn’t incorporate disturbing lights and unnecessary sounds that could disturb or destroy the serenity of the underwater world. All materials are eco-friendly such as the plastics used for the constructions of the corals and the paints used to coat them so that the contest would be fun and at the same time it does not harm marine bodies.
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