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The safety of our nature is in our hands
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Our design is black pearl-themed ball held in the two big silver hands. Lastly, an xprice logo can be seen atop of the design.
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Our design is a black pearl-themed ball of nickel-based super-alloys coated with graphene. Composed of nickel, aluminum, titanium, and a complex soup of other elements, these metallic super-alloys are strong and tough, making it perfect to be used in a design that is meant to withstand a pressure of 4000m underwater. Graphene, on the other hand, is a semi-metal allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. It is the strongest material ever tested, efficiently conducts heat and electricity, and is nearly transparent.

The ball is then held in two big silver hands formed out of solid maraging steel. Maraging steel is a member of the super-strong steel family. It has the ability to withstand pulling forces, or tension (tensile strength).

Between the two big hands is a small excavation wherein an enclosed solid sphere in which a diamond is caged, can be found. In order to protect the diamond inside, we shaped the solid sphere with maraging steel.

In the lower extremity of the object is an anchor also made up of maraging steel to moor our design to the sea bottom.

The deep-sea treasure we invented is designed to defy crushing pressures found at 4,000 meters water depth. It is a black pearl themed ball that is held by two big silver hands. A diamond that is enclosed in a solid sphere can be found in a small excavation between the two big hands. In order to endure the environment underwater, we assembled our invention with strong materials that is known to tolerate high pressure. Lastly, an xprice logo can be seen atop of the design.
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