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An Egg-cellent Surprise
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I have designed an egg that when the top is screwed off, it’s four sides are released. This reveals a special prize inside.
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I have designed an egg shaped object that has four sides, and on the inside has a replica of Earth with the X Prize logo printed on it. The Earth replica will also have all of the ocean in a different color/ material than the land is in. The egg’s sides are held together by a four pointed star. Each point holds down a side. Once the Star is manually screwed off, the sides fall to the side due to hinges on the bottom—similar to how petals on a blooming flower sit. The sides are shaped to the sphere in a way that doesn’t allow any air pockets. The same thing applies to the star like top. The Earth replica is made of a light material on top and a heavier material on the bottom. This allows the sphere to fix itself in the event that is lands upside down. This design is environmentally friendly because it can be built with a range of materials. This allows it to be built with environmentally safe materials so the environment and organisms won’t be affected. This design also doesn’t have any lights, sounds, or pieces that an organism can get caught on.
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