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The Magnetic Fish
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Our designed product is composed of durable materials and it can surely resist the pressure of the deep sea.
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Designing A Deep Sea Treasure
" The Magnetic Fish "
The Magnetic Fish was designed with the components of the recycled plastic bottles,magnets,cement,metals,and wire.It was designed for the upcoming treasure hunting from the xprize.The object was designed carefully and it undergoes different branches of research to come up with the actual design.Our team which is named as the Greatest Holographers finally come up suggesting an idea that may result in some difficulties for the xprize to find and may call it a true treasure.Our object was design like a toy made of a magnet.The metal is composed with the combination of the Tungsten,Titanium,Chromium Metals (which is considered as the heaviest and the strongest one) and a magnet made of an alnico will be design for the base.The wire that is design for the magnetic fish to travel down to the base back and forth until it reaches the top part of the wire again will serve as the pathway for the magnetic fish.The magnetic fish has a component of a magnet basically made of an iron that the magnetic based is attracting to.The wire that serves as the pathway of the magnetic fish has an underlying magnet that flows from the top part unto the bottom thus pushing the magnetic fish to move like a wave pushing him back and forth.The recycled plastic bottles that is carved like a corals will serve as the home-like structure of the fish so that it will normally look like a real one that is attached by a cement.Thus a cement is not a hollow filled air structure it will not collapsed or breakdown through the deep sea pressure.Thats how we come up to the idea of designing a magnetic fish that will definitely look like a real fish swaying through the fake corals and just bragging its body back and forth.It will surely sink in to the bottom of the sea because we already design a small anchor that is equivalent to the weight of the bigger anchor but the difference is that the tail is only 1 inches long from the object and it was hidden to avoid the hunters to find it easily.
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