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Medusa's Quest
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A mythological theme involving a mythological creature named “Medusa” is the centerpiece of our design. Described as a human goddess with living venomous snakes in her hair. Gazers upon her face would turn into a stone. Also it is located inside a ship wreck beaneath the ocean floor. As a challenge to the explorers, our design has an ancient twist with applications of high-tech innovative features.
The main frame of the structure is fabricated using high-grade aircraft aluminum to prevent corrosion. It is compose of three main sections; the first section is the part we named “weight”, it is a rectangular base made up to be hollow inside so that water would suck in inside, and it is use to increase the volume of the water inside serves as the weight to keep it from submerging towards the bottom of the ocean floor. It has an automated sensor to detect the water level inside, that automatically close the opened hole when the water level inside is full . The second section is called the “body”; but except for the chest part, it is made up of concrete composite, wherein concrete is mixed with fiberglass that gives extra strength and prevent building up of air-bubbles which could lead to catastrophic disaster, It also gives extra weight in order for our design to keep it submerge at the bottom of the ocean floor, It has also written clues, “Seek and touch, or thee shall die”, wherein the given clue is supposed to lead the searchers to a puzzle located at the eyes of the statue. The third section is what we called the “head and chest" , the most intricate part of the whole design, It is made from a fabricated high-grade aircraft aluminium, wherein the major mechanical high tech components are located. The treasure is also located at the chest. The mechanics of the chest are made up of hydraulics which is used to lift the chest part, and in the eyes part, lies the trigger switch; which is composed of a water proof switch design similar to an eye. It triggers the hydraulics located at the chest wherein the treasure is located when pushed. Then,.the searchers must grab the treasure place inside the chest. And lastly, the treasure is enclosed in a water proof acrylic glass to obtain an air tight seal on treasure or package.
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