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Deep Ocean Treasure: Lotus Orb
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It was inspired by the lotus flower or Indian flower.
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Team MATANGLAWIN came up with the design Lotus Orb, inspired by the lotus flower for its beauty and what it symbolizes. The Lotus Orb is not just an ordinary lotus but it is something unique. Compare to other ordinary lotuses, our lotus orb doesn't float but it sinks under the deep sea. The idea of the design is to cover the lotus with the seaweeds .The materials that we used are safe and Eco-friendly for the marine environment. The orb is sculpted out of cement and the petals surrounding the orb, which is the lotus, is made of stainless steel to prevent rusting while sinking to the said depth of where the treasure will be set. We suggested using Eco-bricks for the rock stand so that we can minimize the garbage and so we can recycle materials rather than throwing them and polluting the environment. The Eco-bricks will be sculpted to look like a normal rock so that it won't be so obvious. The seaweeds are cut out and shaped from empty plastic bottles and painted to look like a seaweed. The design will have the logo of XPRIZE and the represented school and it is to be found on the sides of the rock stand.
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