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QEBELS Network.
short description
QEBELS Network: Quantum Enabled Blockchain Encrypted Laser Satellite Network, Inspired by nature.
Introduce yourself or your team
We are Alejandro Bollana & Charly Karamanian. Winners of Herox NASA SpacePoop Challenge.

Alejandro Bollana is a very passionate and gifted Industrial Designer. He works for the Ministry of Modernization, Innovation and Technology of Buenos Aires City Government, where he met Charly and became open innovation challenges teammates.

Charly Karamanian is a simple man with huge concerns. Finding simple solutions to complex challenges is his drive in life. Passionate about solving global grand challenges: energy, environment, food, shelter, space, water, disaster resilience, governance, health, learning, prosperity & security. He excels in leading and mentoring of individuals and multidisciplinary teams. Creative thinker, serial entrepreneur and TEDx speaker. He developed and moved in with his family to "La Casa G", one of the most sustainable houses in Latin America and the first one to mine SolarCoin in Argentina. He believes a better world is possible and that everyone has the potential to change his reality.
What makes you an ideal candidate for this Challenge?
Alejandro is an Industrial designer proven experience in bringing ideas & concepts into life. Charly has a broad base of general knowledge (many science & art fields) with a deep understanding of exponential technologies. He is one of the main references of sustainable innovation in Argentina and an experienced open innovation challenge hacker.
Describe your solution.
The proposed solution was developed to provide maximum connectivity, security, seamless user experience and support to USSOCOM missions. To achieve these requirements, we made an extensive research looking for breakthrough technologies that could contribute to the proposed challenge and designed a 360 solution that goes way beyond a single CubeSat design; we found inspiration in nature (hummingbird, eagle, swarm of bees, scorpion and dragonfly) and worked around the following technologies: Laser relay GEO satellite, Swarm of CubeSats, Blockchain Technology, LaserCom, Integrated Photonics, Water Propulsion, Drones, Compound Optics, Augmented Reality, Iris Scanner, Bone Conduction and Quantum Encryption.

Please see attached .pdf file for full description and images of the solution.
What is the size of your proposed solution?
Proposed solution is 1.5- unit (1.5U) CubeSats. Each CubeSat should be about 4 inches x 4 inches x 6.7 inches (10 centimeters x 10 centimeters x 17 centimeters) and weighs approximately 5 pounds (2.5 kilograms).
Does your solution help Special Operations Forces missions? How?
Secure communications & high data rate on the move (wearable)
Helps on missions: find, fix, track, target, engage, assess.
Digitally track friendly (blue) & enemy (red) people and locations.
Display 3D Battlefields, live video from drones, etc.
Where known, identify platform accommodation requirements for power.
Same as OCSD project.
Where known, identify platform accommodation requirements for thermal control.
Same as OCSD project.
Where known, identify platform accommodation requirements for data transfer rate.
Same as OCSD project.
Where known, identify platform accommodation requirements for data transfer volume (per orbit).
Same as OCSD project.
Where known, identify platform accommodation requirements for bus stability and attitude control.
Same as OCSD project.
Can you identify any additional platform accommodation requirements for your solution?
Can your concept can be implemented with current state-of-the-art flight-qualified components, or will it require additional development? Please describe.

Existing technologies with only minor integration or adaptation:
+ Laser Relay GEO Satellite.
+ Blockchain Technology.
+ Lasercom.
+ Augmented reality.
+ Iris recognition.
+ Bone sound conduction.

Existing technologies under development (should be ready within required challenge 12-24 months schedule)
+ Water/Ice propulsion.
+ Integrated photonics - compound optics.

Technologies under development
+ Quantum key encryption.
Intellectual Property: Do you acknowledge that this is only the Concept Phase of the competition, and all ideas are to remain the property and ownership of USSOCOM for future discretionary use, licensing, or inclusion in future challenges?

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