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CUBE SAT - CosmicUniformBodiedEntity SolAurdwinauT
short description
Imagine CUBE SAT conforming to its payload; bits & bites loaded directly in/on a structure designed to cool & maintain thermal requirements.


Introduce yourself or your team
My name is å.
I exist to advance the world of peaceful warfare from the depths of hearing odd and even balanced dod hardware deep into thus unseen software for scientific collaboration; as well and deep, an notion for balancing population control of healing the strain of natural resource degradation, NOW, and forever.
What makes you an ideal candidate for this Challenge?
I am born for this.
Try me. Try me. If at first, reading fails to grant you understanding; try again.
I am ably imaginative and willing to suss answers from well beyond the known, for USSOCOM.


Describe your solution.
The current designs ideal earning platform aches for a new way to corroborate missions equitably in timing and tuning needs too conforming to specifications / needs. This solution is initially very small and transformable to any payload willing to be secured by it.
What is the size of your proposed solution?
Size is irrelevant as much as ear-relevance 'only' occurs 'naturally' when allied truths peak up to thus aim agenda of peace, according to the needs of the mission, globally. Dig in and discover the future of cube-sat TecH-nEO-logical advancements for ground-up-mankinds-pace. In space, there is no ceiling.
Does your solution help Special Operations Forces missions? How?
The solution is modularly transformable in the extreme.
How is fathomed by you, The Judge(s) (Daniel soul-lieu-shun(s)).
Where known, identify platform accommodation requirements for power.
Solar and thermal convection.
Where known, identify platform accommodation requirements for thermal control.
Super heated liquid, liquid cooled thermal control; through convection.
Where known, identify platform accommodation requirements for data transfer rate.
The transfer rate is in accordance with hitting the mark of mission need. Bullseye or Sin, data rates itself when 'kneading' Ai to solve that which mankind struggles with, without, and within to understand how to transfer rates of accommodata'ing for mission need / protocol.
Where known, identify platform accommodation requirements for data transfer volume (per orbit).
Unlimited volumes per orbit are within capacity of mission size requirement(s).
Where known, identify platform accommodation requirements for bus stability and attitude control.
Unlimited, as well and designed to accommodate all mission requirements.
Can you identify any additional platform accommodation requirements for your solution?
This is the beginning - beg inning - of a nation state poised to lead the war on terra'is'hem mankind - terrorism and kind way-sin - weighs in on what the next steps are for being a peaceful leader, globally.
Can your concept can be implemented with current state-of-the-art flight-qualified components, or will it require additional development? Please describe.
This concept is ready for implementation according to the needs of the Departments Of Developmental (DOD) Åwareness and 'ore' needs; its always in need of upgrades and therefore is all ways requiring additional development for the greater good of federal longings, etc.
Let's do this.
The world needs the USA to lead the battle for peace, with the upper hand, hands off truths not ready to conform to open source reliability, and discernment of / solutions for threats on and off-world; mind over matters of act.
Intellectual Property: Do you acknowledge that this is only the Concept Phase of the competition, and all ideas are to remain the property and ownership of USSOCOM for future discretionary use, licensing, or inclusion in future challenges?

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