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Scintillation detectors for counterterrorism (SDC)
short description
Design and test of scintillation radiation detectors to be used to find "dirty bombs" or radioactive material for terrorism purposes.
Introduce yourself or your team
My business acumen, system capacity expertise, and team leadership talent would quickly make me a highly valued asset as directive. As a Division Director of Lab Metrology of Ionizing Radiation of Spain, I guide R&D, personnel in professional development, labs and centers in certification and accreditation processes, and colleagues in system of quality management training. I pave the pathway to success for my team and my organization, with decision-making aptitude, solid judgment, exceptional time-effective techniques, management influence, and brilliant teamwork.
What makes you an ideal candidate for this Challenge?
My ability to focus informs strategy, data collection, analysis, change management, and crisis mitigation. I negotiate for business / revenue growth, monitor for performance and compliance, and delegate to empowerment, with implementable feedback. In this way, I define parameters, standardize procedures, and invest personnel in safety, quality, and objectives. In my 14 years of managing R&D divisions, I have demonstrated talent in conceptualization, trend analysis, and proactive contingency id / resolution. My management capacity encompasses personnel, projects, and multiple divisions, backed up my technical knowledge and continual professional development.

Following is a selection of proven capabilities:

• Cultivate empowering environment, design user-friendly software, and streamline processes.
• Selected to address ionizing radiation metrology and guide divisions on quality / metrology.
• Designed and executed research projects and liaised between scientists, clinicians, and patients.
• Initiated more European international projects and established visible international position.
• Supervised radioactive facilities, especially Process Control and dosimetry.
• Contributed to 10 R&D national / international projects, 1 as Principal Investigator.
• Wrote 100+ articles / technical reports for journals / books.
• Authored patent in Biomedicine, Nuclear Physics.
• Authored utility model in Chemistry & Physics.
Describe your solution.
Use of scintillation radiation detectors, in the range of visible and UV spectra, to be used to find undeclared radioactive material in routine inspections at borders, customs, street, military operations, etc. The idea of SDC Project is to use scintillating material sensitive to ionizing radiations coupled to normal CCD (charge-coupled device), CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) or any dedicated photodetectors. There are many scitillation radiaton detectors material sensitive to ionizing radiation, the most common are crystals but are expensive and need large photodetectors and a very big and heavy electronic chain to be esed. The scintillation radiation detectors I propose are composed of ceramic material as GADOX (Gadolinium Oxysulfide) doped with rare earths (like Eu, Ce, Tl...). This material have been tested in many labs of the world (including mine) with very good results. GADOX material is very cheap and effective to detect radioactive material. This material can be coupled directly to detectors sensitive to visible or UV light, such as CCD, CMOS or specialized photodetectors. many experiments have been ade with the CCD of the mobile pones with very good results.
The idea is to design and build a large detector composed of GADOX and CCD and to be tested in the space with the cosmic radiation. the reason for a large detector is to know the direction of the ionizing radiation (when two or more CCD detect at the same time, is to say, have a coincidence) and the energy of the particle; if the particle (coming from the radioactive material) has a lot of energy, then more volumen of GADOX detect will be crossed (more CCD, CMOS or sensitive photodector will see the light produces in the GADOX). When these photodetectors see the light coming from the GADOX, then an alarm signal will sound or will be visible with external warning lights. in the space there are a lot of ionizing radiation particles with different energies, this is the reason to test it.
What is the size of your proposed solution?
Less than 3 cm x 3cm x 25 cm for the detector.
Also take into account the batteries for the photodetectors; size required 3cm x 8 cm x 2 cm.
And a Little electronic circuit to save the data of the experiment.
Does your solution help Special Operations Forces missions? How?
Yes, to find undeclared radioactive material in routine inspections. The undeclared radioactive material could be used in dirty bombs or any terrorist purpose.
Where known, identify platform accommodation requirements for power.
2 or 3 batteries like the mobile phones.
Where known, identify platform accommodation requirements for thermal control.
The focused is the proper functioning of the batteries. I do not know if low temperaturas affect them.
Where known, identify platform accommodation requirements for data transfer rate.
Could be used a wire data transfer , or a Little bluetooth or radio circuit, or perhaps could be used a data storage memory. This experiment could be adapted to the cubesat conditions
Where known, identify platform accommodation requirements for data transfer volume (per orbit).
This experiment could be adapted to the cubesat conditions
Where known, identify platform accommodation requirements for bus stability and attitude control.
Is not required knowing the bus stability and attitude control of the cubesat.
Can you identify any additional platform accommodation requirements for your solution?
None special paltform accomodation requirements are needed
Can your concept can be implemented with current state-of-the-art flight-qualified components, or will it require additional development? Please describe.
Intellectual Property: Do you acknowledge that this is only the Concept Phase of the competition, and all ideas are to remain the property and ownership of USSOCOM for future discretionary use, licensing, or inclusion in future challenges?
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