Ziaullah Khan
I am Ziaullah Khan,
Serving as Computer Operator BPS- 16 at Local Government , …
A Life time Re Usable Mask with UV sterilizer
Perfect for people need to work who cannot afford Lockdowns and must go out side. Ensuring Guaranteed Security for Margenalized community.
by Ziaullah Khan
Magic wrapper did infecting packages
Think about supply chain and to wrap all the goods in a bubble wrapper pre filled with dis infecting gel prevents spread of virus.
by Ziaullah Khan
Smart Wallet Disinfecting Bank Notes
A smart wallet that dis infects bank notes when exchanging without touch of hand.
by Ziaullah Khan
UV germs Scanner & virus disinfect in Smart Phone
A Ultra Violet Rates installed in a smart phone which scan and did infect any surface like hands face etc
by Ziaullah Khan
Social Distance Tags
Employee Tags with Sensor that creates alerts when two employees exceed the limited distance. store & tracks record if some one found sick
by Ziaullah Khan
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